Depeche Mode Singles Collection

Depeche Mode Singles Collection

Depeche Mode Bootlegs Singles Collection
Temps de lecture : 11 minutes
Blasphemous Rumours (2020)

01 Blasphemous Rumours (Goov With Groove Remix)
02 Blasphemous Rumours (Deep Out Mix)
03 Blasphemous Rumours (Carbon Fusion Mix)
04 Somebody (Long Kernfusion Remix)
05 Blasphemous Rumours (Deep Out Vocal Mix)
06 Blasphemous Rumours (Post Elektro Version)
07 Blasphemous Rumours (Remix of Some Sort)
08 Blasphemous Rumours (Mars Edit)
09 Somebody (Kaiser Piano Fusion Remix)
10 Blasphemous Rumours (Extended Mix)
11 Blasphemous Rumours (Blasphamy Remix)
12 Blasphemous Rumours (IsLanD Some Great Remix)
Format MP3

Halo (2020)

01 Halo (Christian J Main Mix)
02 Halo (Island 112 Remix)
03 Blue Dress (Blue Mix)
04 Halo (Madtracker Remix)
05 Halo (Mao Mao Mix)
06 Halo (Reinterpreted Dream Mix)
07 Halo (Reinterpreted)
08 Blue Dress (Ambient Mix 1)
09 Halo (Twelve Inch Mix)
10 Halo (Austin Leeds & Christian J Main Mix)
11 Halo (Billy Mix)
Format MP3

Behind The Wheel (2020)

01 Behind The Wheel (On The Road To Nowhere Mix)
02 Route 66 (Re-Remix)
03 Behind The Wheel (Remixed by The Blondkid)
04 Behind The Wheel-Route 66 (Megadub)
05 Behind The Wheel (Audiorobbers Mix)
06 Behind The Wheel (Eric Prydz Remix)
07 Route 66 (Avagliano Mix)
08 Behind The Wheel (Josh Patrick Mix)
09 Route 66 (Routemaster Edit)
10 Behind The Wheel (Obrazcoff Rmx)
11 Route 66 (Jealousy Mix)
12 Behind The Wheel (Playgroup Original Vocal Mix)
Format MP3

Enjoy The Silence (2020)

01 Enjoy The Silence (Gianni Alessandrelli’s House Edit 2020)
02 Enjoy The Silence (Jakob Carrison Rmx)
03 Enjoy The Silence (Paul Manning Truth And Devotion Mix)
04 Enjoy The Silence (4T Thieves Instrumental Reconstruction)
05 Enjoy The Silence (7Up Club Dub)
06 Enjoy The Silence (Mor Avrahami Remix)
07 Enjoy The Silence (Island Orange Dub)
08 Enjoy The Silence (Enjoy Nostalgy Mix)
09 Enjoy The Silence (Erwin Pempelfort RMX)
10 Sibeling (Innocence Lost Mix)
Format MP3

Soothe My Should (2020)

01 Soothe My Soul (Dj Filimonoff Jesus Flanger Remix)
02 Soothe My Soul (DJK ST Mix)
03 Soothe My Soul (MrR Remix)
04 Goodbye (Extended End Mix)
05 Soothe My Soul (ODL Mix)
06 Soothe My Soul (Personal Kernfusion Remix)
07 Soothe My Soul (RMX2020)
08 Goodbye (Single Edit 1)
09 Soothe My Soul (Skinn68 Subtle Jesus Mix)
10 Soothe My Soul (Brushes Mix)
11 Soft Touch-Raw Nerve (PunchyMore Mix)
12 Soothe My Soul (Destructo Remix)
Format MP3

Freelove ( 2020)

01 Freelove (Deep in Love Mix Edit)
02 Freelove (FLT To Irma Edit)
03 Freelove (Galaxy Mix)
04 Comatose (Hangover Cure Mix)
05 Freelove (Jdama Remix)
06 Freelove (Shattered Dreams Clean Edit)
07 Freelove (Bi Mix)
08 Freelove (DeeDee’s Spiritual Mix)
09 Comatose (Silinder Remix)
10 Freelove (Gofa Remix)
11 Freelove (Roni Iorn & Dino Grand Nightmix)
12 Zenstation (A.R. Remix)
Format MP3

It's No Good (2020)

01 It`s No Good (2004 Rmx)
02 It’s No Good (The Blockchain Remix)
03 It`s No Good (Naweed Room Mix)
04 Insight (Ventricle Mix)
05 It’s No Good (BT’s Future House Mix)
06 It`s No Good (Smoke Electro Remix)
07 It´s No Good (Toni Alvarez & Jose Del Barrio Remix)
08 Insight (Outside Transit Dub)
09 It’s No Good (Oficial Eu Pirvu Remix)
10 It’s No Good (Sonic Union Remix)
11 Slowblow (DnB Mix)
Format MP3

Policy Of Truth (2020)

01 Policy Of Truth (Best Liar Club Remix)
02 Policy Of Truth (Cole’s House Mix)
03 Clean (Cleanest Mix)
04 Policy Of Truth (Cranky Owls Deep Touch Remix)
05 Policy Of Truth (Extended Remix)
06 Policy Of Truth (Maceo Plex Remix Edit)
07 Policy Of Truth (Marcelo Castelli Remix)
08 Kaleid (Schizophonic Modulation)
09 Policy Of Truth (Road Of The Righteous Remix)
10 Policy Of Truth (Taster Short Version)
11 Policy Of Truth (Best Liar Club Remix Instrumental)
12 Clean (Violecan Remix)
Format MP3

Stripped (2020)

01 Stripped (Factory Mix)
02 Stripped (Instrumental Mix)
03 Stripped (Come With Me Mix)
04 But Not Tonight (Flying High Mix)
05 Stripped (Akash’s Sexshop Mix)
06 Stripped (Extended Dub Mix)
07 Stripped (AR Remix)
08 Breathing In Fumes (Disorientated Mix)
09 Stripped (Metropolis Experiment)
10 Stripped (Prayyer Remix)
11 But Not Tonight (EchoGhost Remix)
Format MP3

Where's The Revolution (2020)

01 Where’s The Revolution (Carlos Gatto Remix)
02 Where’s The Revolution (MarcinXII Backward Guitar Mix)
03 No More (This is the Last Time) (Pain Mix)
04 Where’s The Revolution (Dave vs. Lies of Love Mix)
05 Where’s The Revolution (A Trip Through The Revolution Remix)
06 No More (This is the Last Time) (Difference Electric Remix)
07 Where’s The Revolution (Extended Remix)
08 No More (This is the Last Time) (ELR)
09 Where’s The Revolution (Fdieu Altered Revolution Mix)
10 Where’s The Revolution (Against Govermix)
11 No More (This is the Last Time) (Paralyzed RMX)
12 Where’s The Revolution (Reaps Remix)
13 No Revolution (Poly Gore Different Mix)
Format MP3

It's Called A Heart (2020)

01 It’s Called A Heart (Longer UltraTraxx Remix)
02 It’s Called A Heart (Reconciliation Mix)
03 Fly On The Windscreen (Transcendence Mix)
04 It’s Called A Heart (Diseased Mix)
05 It’s Called A Heart (Special Dub)
06 It’s Called A Heart (12 Inch)
07 It’s Called A Heart (Torn Apart Mix)
08 Fly On The Windscreen (Repellent Mix)
09 It’s Called A Heart (Progressive Emotion Remix)
10 It’s Called A Heart (Pressure Head Edit)
11 It’s Called A Heart (Suburbass Remix)
12 It’s Called A Heart (Illusion Mix)
Format MP3

Sister Of Night (2020)

01 Sister Of Night (Erwin Pempelfort Remix)
02 Sister Of Night (Eternal Mix)
03 The Bottom Line (Alternate)
04 Insight (Dark Side Rmx)
05 Sister Of Night (Hammer Radio Version)
06 Sister Of Night (Ida Engberg’s Giving Voice to the Flame Remix)
07 Insight (Extended Ultra Mix)
08 Sister Of Night (Romantic Instrumental Demo Version)
09 Sister Of Night (Silencer Mix)
10 Insight (Synthmix)
11 Sister Of Night (Wake Up Lounge)
12 Sister Of Night (Dominatrix Acapella Mix)
Format MP3

Heroes (2020)

01 Heroes (Cover Disco Mix Electro RMX)
02 You Move (Remix)
03 Heroes (DmtrX Rmx)
04 No More (This is the Last Time) (Difference Electric Remix)
05 Heroes (Ivan Miatto Remix)
06 No More (This is the Last Time) (Pain Mix)
07 You Move (Jason Bentley Remix)
08 Heroes (Miama Remix)
09 You Move (Latroit Remix)
10 Heroes (Ovidio Edit)
11 You Move (Art Remix Electric Kaleidoscope)
12 Heroes (RMX 2020)
Format MP3

Black Celebration (2020)

01 Black Celebration (Terror Mix)
02 Black Celebration (Day Of The Monument Mix)
03 A Question of Lust (Ultra Mix)
04 Black Celebration (Black Electronic Remix)
05 Black Celebration (Black Mix)
06 Fly On The Windscreen (I See Dead People Mix)
07 Black Celebration (Darkest Dance Extended Mix)
08 Black Celebration (Fast Celebration Mix)
09 Fly On The Windscreen (Soviet Re Constroction Mix 4)
10 Black Celebration (Remix 99)
11 Black Day (Piano Edit)
12 Sometimes (The Other Side of Love)
13 Black Celebration (Extended Version)
Format MP3

Never Let Me Down Again (2021)

01 Never Let Me Down Again (Crepuscular Mix)
02 Never Let Me Down Again (D’s Experimental Mix)
03 Never Let Me Down Again (ELFKA Remix)
04 Pleasure Little Treasure (Simone Edit)
05 Never Let Me Down Again (Max Zanuzzi Remix)
06 Never Let Me Down Again (Rhythm Scholar Euphorically Numbmix)
07 Pleasure, Little Treasure (Harmony Sound Escape RMX)
08 Never Let Me Down Again (The Voxless Mix)
09 Never Let Me Down (Fran Bux Remix)
10 To Have And To Hold (Insincere Mix)
11 Never Let Me Down Again (Alex Lungu Edit)
12 Never Let Me Down Again (Byolegy Remix)
Format MP3

In Chains (2021)

01 In Chains (Instrumental)
02 In Chains (Planet Cybertron Version)
03 Light (Parallel Dimension Rmx)
04 In Chains (Small Links)
05 In Chains (Alex FX Remix)
06 Fragile Tension (Obsessive Mix)
07 In Chains (Together Mix)
08 Ghost (Modified Version)
09 In Chains (Chain Dub Remix)
10 In Chains (S.O.D.A. Remix)
11 Perfect (Voice of Galaxy Mix)
12 In Chains (D58 Mix)
13 In Chains (ELR)
Format MP3

Little 15 (2021)

01 Little 15 (Great Grey Owl Slow Mix)
02 Little 15 (Mendelsohn Classic Mix)
03 Little 15 (Opera Remix)
04 Little 15 (Tom Wax Reworked)
05 Little 15 (Various Of Temperament Mix)
06 Little 15 (Dark Ink Remix)
07 Little 15 (Surprise Synth Remix)
08 Little 15 (Ulrich Schnauss Full Vocal Remix)
09 Little 15 (New Disco Mix Extended Remix)
10 Little 15 (Antiproject Home Remix)
11 Little 15 (Drum & Bass Remix)
Format MP3

World In My Eyes (2021)

01 World In My Eyes (Remix Erwin Pempelfort)
02 World In My Eyes (Mr. Turner Edit Part II)
03 Happiest Girl (M-25 Orbital Resurface)
04 Sea Of Sin (Avagliano Mix)
05 Happiest Girl (Oh My Little Girl Mix)
06 World In My Eyes (Next Level Mix)
07 World In My Eyes (Dance Front Remix)
08 World In My Eyes (Game Over Mix)
09 Sea Of Sin (Samplemaster Mix)
10 World In My Eyes (Instrumental Mix)
11 World In My Eyes (Plasma Piece Mix)
12 World In My Eyes (Yehuda Matan Reconstruction Mix)
Format MP3

Enjoy The Silence (2021)

01 Enjoy The Silence  (New Re-mixed Radio Version)
02 Enjoy The Silence  (DJ Marcus Extended Freestyle Mix)
03 Enjoy The Silence  (DunkleMaterie & Oliver Immer Rework)
04 Enjoy The Silence  (Static Insane Remix)
05 Halo (PanoSigma OutOfTime Mix)
06 Enjoy The Silence (Thiago Antony Epic Mix)
07 Enjoy The Silence (Fingers And Toes Mix)
08 Waiting For The Night (Little Crash Remix)
09 Enjoy The Silence (Walla Remix)
10 Enjoy The Silence (Brandon Choe Remix)
11 Enjoy The Silence (Cote Blanlot Remix)
Format MP3

Nothing's Impossible (2021)

01 Nothing’s Impossible (Alexander Mar Remix)
02 Nothing’s Impossible (Echoing In My Mind)
03 Angel (DJ Dave-G Ext Edit)
04 Nothing’s Impossible (B4P! Remix)
05 Precious (Maxiblues Dream RMX)
06 Nothing’s Impossible (Caffeine Mit Cocaine Remix)
07 Nothing’s Impossible (Remix by Dj van Garderen)
08 Suffer Well (Dirty Monkey Remix)
09 Nothing’s Impossible (Techno Remix by Rauliki DeJota)
10 Nothing’s Impossible (X-tended Mix)
11 Nothing’s Impossible (Trance Mix DJ Jean Alpohin)
Format MP3

Higher Love (2021)

01 Higher Love (Exterremix)
02 Higher Love (Femdom Version)
03 Higher Love (Higher 125 Mix)
04 One Caress (The Dam remix)
05 Higher Love (Stratospheric Ether Mix)
06 Higher Love (Video Remix)
07 One Caress (Abe Sada Mix)
08 Higher Love (Adrenaline Mix)
09 Higher Love (Connection Error)
10 Death’s Door (Slow Foot Shuffle Mix)
11 Higher Love (Excerpt from Sparkle’s Ambient Dream)
12 Higher Love (Trance To Urmel Mode Mix)
Format MP3

Policy Of Truth (2021)

01 Policy Of Truth (Dassent Matter Remix)
02 Policy Of Truth (Hobbybitch Remix)
03 Policy Of Truth (JHenn Reedit)
04 Sweetest Perfection (Darkest Star Mix)
05 Policy Of Truth (Jozef Kugler remix)
06 Policy Of Truth (Marco Paez Reburn Mix)
07 Sweetest Perfection (Faith Mix)
08 Policy Of Truth (Melo D Remix)
09 Policy Of Truth (SoulFake Remix)
10 Policy Of Truth (Abstructure’s Side Of The Case Mix)
11 Enjoy the Silence (Slow Sense Remix)
Format MP3

I Feel Loved (2021)

01 I Feel Loved (Armen Miran Edit)
02 I Feel Loved (Mixed Emotions vs Last Men Standing Rmx)
03 Dirt (Prolonged)
04 I Feel Loved (Distallion Remix)
05 Dirt (Axis Downright Filthy Mix)
06 I Feel Loved (Redubbed)
07 I Feel Loved (Safi Connection Rmx)
08 Dirt (Bleed Mix)
09 I Feel Loved (XAKK Ibiza 2001 Illegal Mix)
10 I Feel Loved (Freza ReTouch 2021 & Dj Flash Remix)
11 I Feel Loved (A Nice Reprise)
Format MP3

Barrel Of A Gun (2021)

01 Barrel Of A Gun (Bitter Sweet Remix)
02 Barrel Of A Gun (DJ Wojas Mix)
03 Barrel Of A Gun (Reclaimed Soul Remix)
04 Painkiller (DHARMA Construction)
05 Barrel Of A Gun (Rough Version)
06 Barrel of a Gun (Telam Project Misty Mix)
07 Painkiller (Pleasurable Mix)
08 Barrel Of A Gun (French DJ Edit)
09 Barrel Of A Gun (ReCocked by Senator Scratch)
10 Painkiller (Dead Can Dance Bootleg Remix)
11 Barrel Of A Gun (Beating The Brain Dub)
Format MP3

Corrupt (2021)

01 Corrupt (Instrumental Remix)
02 Corrupt (Planet Andora Version)
03 Corrupt (Reduction Edit)
04 Miles Away – The Truth is (Twilight Spacetrain Club Mix)
05 Corrupt (Studio Session)
06 Corrupt (Synth Sound Remix)
07 Come Back (ReMix)
08 Corrupt (Together Mix)
09 Corrupt (Alt Mix)
10 Miles Away – The Truth is (Modified Version)
11 Corrupt (Finality Mix)
12 Corrupt (Glezpik’s Easy Version)
13 Miles Away – The Truth is (Reaps Remix)
14 Corrupt (Hard Line Synth Mix)
Format MP3

Master And Servant (2022)

01 Master And Servant (James S Remix)
02 Master And Servant (Ken Hirayama Mix)
03 Master And Servant (Modeness Mix)
04 Set Me Free (Remotivate Me) (Release Mix – HJ Edit)
05 Master And Servant (Saahovv Mix)
06 Master And Servant (UR Service Version)
07 Set Me Free (Remotivate Me) (UR Service Version)
08 Master And Servant (Black Line Remix)
09 Master And Servant (XXX Mix)
10 Set Me Free (Remotivate Me) (Warp 2029 Mix)
11 Master And Servant (Daniel Miller Mix)
12 Master And Servant (dj Francesco Paris Reconstruction Remix)
Format MP3

Shake The Disease (2022)

01 Shake The Disease (Release Remix)
02 Shake The Disease (Ahmed Benny Remix)
03 Shake The Disease (World Understanding Mix)
04 Shake The Disease (Shake It More Edit)
05 Shake The Disease (Avagliano Remix)
06 Shake The Disease (’97 Mix)
07 Shake The Disease (Understand Dub)
08 Shake The Disease (The Late Night Clinic Mix)
09 Shake The Disease (DaStef Remix)
10 Shake The Disease (Painlove Mix)
11 Shake The Disease (Colin Peters Remix)
Format MP3

Ghost (2022)

01 Ghost (Absolut Mix)
02 Ghost (MLG Universal Remix)
03 Oh Well (AS Mix)
04 Ghost (AudioNuts Remix)
05 Ghost (Planet Venus Version)
06 Oh Well (City Love Mix)
07 Ghost (Le Weekend Remix)
08 Ghost (Fatherless Child Acoustic Version)
09 Ghost (Frank Haag Rmx)
10 Oh Well (Fdieu Loop Engine RmiX)
11 Ghost (Adrenalin Remix)
12 Ghost (Elektronic Mix)
Format MP3

Told You So (2022)

01 Told You So (707’s XXL Version)
02 Shame (Zwischenspiel Nostalgic Pain Remix)
03 Told You So (DJ-nth Remix)
04 Told You So (Judgement Day Mix)
05 And Then (Fc.uK Mix)
06 Told You So (Mixed Push Chaos Mix)
07 Shame (Glutamat Mix)
08 Told You So (Skinflutes Funkadelic Remix)
09 Shame (René Janihsek DUB Mix)
10 Two Minute Warning (Ticking Clock Mix)
11 Shame (Slidedream Remix)
12 Told You So (Altered Carbon Remix)
Format MP3

Precious (2022)

01 Precious (Kameneckij Remix)
02 Precious (Quentin Harris Mix)
03 Precious (Sesto Sento vs Gataplex Remix)
04 Lilian (Instrumental)
05 Precious (Skinflutes Makes it Sweeter Remix)
06 Precious (Tangerine Dream Remix)
07 Precious (White Noise Remix)
08 Nothing’s Impossible (Extended 2022)
09 Precious (Cellisto Remix)
10 Precious (Daneel Bootleg Rmx)
11 A Pain That I’m Used To (Instrumental)
12 Precious (Fatherless Child Alternative Version)
13 Precious (Foretaste Remix)

Only When I Lose Myself (2022)

01 Only When I Lose Myself (Instrumental)
02 Only When I Lose Myself (Hiraeth Mix)
03 Only When I Lose Myself (EP Acoustic Remix)
04 Only When I Lose Myself (Error 404 Mix)
05 Only When I Lose Myself (Experimental Feelings Remix)
06 Surrender (Instrumental)
07 Only When I Lose Myself (Fun Da Brat Remix)
08 Only When I Lose Myself (Lofi-Sky Mix)
09 Only When I Lose Myself (Termitoz Remix)
10 Only When I Lose Myself (Simuck Breaks Mix)
11 Only When I Lose Myself (X Version)
12 Surrender (US Club Edit)
13 Only When I Lose Myself (Classic Quicotix Quiter)
14 Only When I Lose Myself


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