The Parrallax Series Collection

The Parrallax Series Collection

Temps de lecture : 6 minutes

01 New Life (Exitus Mix)
02 I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead (Skinflutes Hammer Remix)
03 Puppets (Strauss Mix)
04 Boys Say Go (Hyper X Remix)
05 No Disco (Plutonium Remix)
06 What`s Your Name (Call Me Jerry Jay Hometown Remix)
07 Photographic (Yoldi Psicòtic Remix)
08 Tora Tora Tora (Alternative Construction Mix)
09 Big Muff (80`s Synth Pop Mix)
10 Any Second Now (Any Minute Now)
11 Just Can`t Get Enough (DJ Ko Remix)
12 Dreaming Of Me (Bigstar Mix)
13 Ice Machine (Colorless Winter The Air We Breath Remix)
14 Shout (Back To Rio De Janairo Mix)
Format MP3

01 Leave In Silence (Devinator`s Silent Electric Mix)
02 My Secret Garden (Aquario Remix)
03 Monument (F.H.C. Remix)
04 Nothing To Fear (Vince Clark 1981 Mix)
05 See You (Pump Up Mix `98)
06 Satellite (The Tripbeat Remix)
07 The Meaning Of Love (Fairly Odd Dub)
08 Further Excerpts from My Secret Garden (Re Dub 2020)
09 A Photograph Of You (Crushed Picture Mix)
10 Should`t Have Done That (12″ Dub Mix)
11 The Sun And The Rainfall (Playing Devotee Remix)
12 Oberkorn (Its a small Town) (Axis Re-Developed Mix)
13 Now This Is Fun (JMB & Speedy Jay Mix)
Format MP3

01 Love In Itself (`97 Strike Mix)
02 More Than A Party (ABC Party Mix)
03 Pipeline (Arab Mix)
04 Everything Counts (Skinflutes Sound Rebuilding Remix)
05 Two Minute Warning (All75 Edit)
06 Shame (Cloning The Angel Remix)
07 The Landscape Is Changing (Snare`s Mix)
08 Told You So (Renty Tom Tom Mix)
09 And Then (After Dub Mix)
10 Work Hard (X San Remix 98)
11 Fools (Mighty Boob Mix by Tandao)
12 Get The Balance Right (Distance Mix)
Format MP3

01 Something To Do (Triniton Remix)
02 Lie To Me (Exciting Dream Mix)
03 People Are People (N-I Killer Mix)
04 It Doesn`t Matter (Monomania Edit)
05 Stories Of Old (NerWraK Remix)
06 Somebody (Anybody Mix)
07 Master And Servant (Highjack Remix)
08 If You Want (Roxy Mix)
09 Blasphemous Rumours (Heaven Mix)
10 In Your Memory (Heavy Club Version)
11 Set Me Free (Remotivate Me) (Release Mix -HJ Edit)
12 Shake The Disease (Menance Mix)
13 Flexible (Foretaste Remix)
Format MP3

01 Black Celebration (Disco Mix Extended Dub Remix)
02 Fly On The Windscreen (Nobu-Bros. Mix)
03 A Question Of Lust (Perfect Sex Remix)
04 Sometimes (The Other Side Of Love)
05 It Doesn`t Matter Two (Vincent Martinez Remix)
06 A Question Of Time (Death Stranding Edition)
07 Stripped (Waldorff Version)
08 Here Is The House (John Cue`s Gabriel & Dresden Bootleg Re-Edit)
09 World Full Of Nothing (Nothing Remix)
10 Dressed In Black (Goth Story Remix)
11 New Dress (DJ K8T`s Phreaky Phunky Mix)
12 But Not Tonight (Roger Erickson Remix)
Format MP3

01 Never Let Me Down Again (Be-Love-In Funky Mix)
02 The Things You Said (Jerry Jay`s Childsplay Mix)
03 Strangelove (DJ Alex House Mix)
04 Sacred (Synthetic Pulsating Vocal Mix)
05 Little 15 (Sun43 Remix)
06 Behind The Wheel (Parralox Mix)
07 I Want You Now (Jerry Jay`s Synthoromantic Love Dub)
08 To Have And To Hold (Electro Tribe Mix)
09 Nothing (Memphtended Mix)
10 Pimpf (Strange Strike 2 Remix)
11 Agent Orange (Investigator Mix)
12 Pleasure, Little Treasure (Axis Discoveremix)
13 Route 66 (Avagliano Mix)
Format MP3

01 World In My Eyes (Madtracker Remix)
02 Sweetest Perfection (Big Mix)
03 Personal Jesus (RayShax Remix)
04 Halo (Maxiblues Remix)
05 Waiting For The Night (Black Night Mix)
06 Enjoy The Silence (Soundhog Float Mix)
07 Policy Of Truth (Polimix Of Truth)
08 Blue Dress (Sonar Extended Mix)
09 Clean (Fatherless Child Version)
10 Dangerous (Granger Dub)
11 Memphisto (Reaps Other Version)
12Kaleid (Mechanize)
Format MP3

01 I Feel You (System Reload Extended Mix)
02 Walking In My Shoes (Dub Session Mix)
03 Condemnation (Extra Extended Version)
04 Mercy In You (Meta Remix)
05 Judas (Black Rain Remix)
06 In Your Room (Strange Days Luminiferous Remix)
07 Get Right With Me (David Dieu Remix)
08 Rush (Anti-Matter Mix)
09 One Caress (Calypso 12″ Remix)
10 Higher Love (Second Voice Remix)
11 My Joy (Black Music Mix)
12 Death`s Door (Six String Mix)
Format MP3

01 Barrel Of A Gun (G-Mix)
02 The Love Thies (Stolen Love Mix)
03 Home (Zone Mix)
04 It`s No Good (Agent Orange Remix)
05 Uselink (Ultra Remix)
06 Useless (Ultra Maximum 2 Mix)
07 Sister Of Night (Wake Up Lounge)
08 Jazz Thieves (BTO Edit)
09 Freestate (Caterpillar`s Remix)
10 The Bottom Line (Island Remix)
11 Insight (Unreal Extended Remix)
12 Painkiller (DaTa`s Free Of Pain Mix)
Format MP3

01 Dream On (i0301 Cold Mix)
02 Shine (Just in Time Electro Mix)
03 The Sweetest Condition (New Violator Remix)
04 When The Body Speaks (SWATH Mix)
05 The Dead Of Night (Fatherless Child Alternative Version)
06 Lovetheme (20Hz Version)
07 Freelove (Little Groove Mix)
08 Comatose (DJ k8t’s Ekg for Fun and Prohet Mix)
miss 09 I Feel Loved (Pumpmix By Robert Van Leer)
10 Breathe (Soft Lullaby Mix)
11 Easy Tiger (Snooze Button Remix)
12 I Am You (Frutzi Mix)
13 Goodnight Lovers (Popkix Remix)
Format MP3

01 A Pain That I’m Used To (Renty’s Extended IGB Mix)
02 John The Revelator (Tom Wax Reworked)
03 Suffer Well (Frozen Heart Pain Dub)
04 The Sinner In Me (Fallen Down Mix)
05 Precious (Driving Mix)
06 Macro (Cos-mix 7 version)
07 I Want It All (Kennet1000’s Quarry Mix)
08 Nothing’s Impossible (DJ Doppler’s Shooting Star Mix)
09 Introspectre (Fatherless Child Mix)
10 Damaged People (Iceberg Full Vocal Mix)
11 Lilian (Korabell’N’Killer Remix)
12 The Darkest Star (Signal To Noise Mix)
13 Free (JFlash Single Version)
Format MP3

01 In Chains (The Fix Remix)
02 Hole to Feed (MLG Wild Inspiration Remix)
03 Wrong (The Black Jack Mix)
04 Fragile Tension (Active Mix)
05 Little Soul (Romantic Mix)
06 In Sympathy (Scape’s Night Dub Mix)
07 Peace (Willbe Remix)
08 Come Back (Industrial Landscape Remix)
09 Spacewalker (MLG Apollo Mix)
10 Perfect (Too Warm Mix)
11 Miles Away/The Truth Is (Glezpik’s True Mix)
12 Jezebel (Avagliano Mix)
13 Corrupt (Planet Endor Version)
Format MP3

01 Welcome To My World (Difference Electric Remix)
02 Angel (Naweed Mix)
03 Heaven (In Beat Izu Remix)
04 Secret To The End (Avagliano Mix)
05 My Little Universe (DJ Dave-G Mix)
06 Slow (Dj van Garderen Remix)
07 Broken (Dolby Mix)
08 The Child Inside (Syrob Remix)
09 Soft Touch-Raw Nerve (Re-count Remix)
10 Should Be Higher (Extended Naweed Mix)
11 Alone (Dj Edjotronic Remix)
12 Soothe My Soul (Destructo Remix)
13 Goodbye (Extended End Mix by Island)
Format MP3

01 Going Backwards (E.L.R Hollow Edit)
02 Where’s The Revolution (Fdieu Altered Revolution Mix)
03 The Worst Crime (Dizzyfugu’s Danse Macabre Mix)
04 Scum (Frenetic Mix)
05 You Move (Difference Electric Remix)
06 Cover Me (Flying Snaucer Mix – Dub)
07 Eternal (Variaton)
08 Poison Heart (Darkest Start RMX)
09 So Much Love (Neverdogs Bootleg)
10 Poorman (Project Kiss Kass Remix)
11 No More (Nerve Remix)
12 Fail (Project Kiss Kass Remix)
Format MP3


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