Lost Remixes

Lost Remixes

Depeche Mode Bootlegs Lost Remixes
Temps de lecture : 7 minutes
Lost Remixes Speak & Spell

01. New Life (Reaps Remix (Outtake))
02. I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead (Jéss Alékzandr Remix)
03. Puppets (Muccis Control Room Mix)
04. Boys Say Go! (Mix)
05. NoDisco (Techni-ka Remix)
06. What’s Your Name (Sexy Girl Mix)
07. Photographic (Destinations Remix)
08. Tora! Tora! Tora! (Alternative Mix)
09. Big Muff (Pi-xl Remix)
10. Any Second Now (Zynic Version)
11. Just Can’t Get Enough (Waldorff Version)
12. Dreaming Of Me (Extended Re-edit)
13. Ice Machine (Trancesistor Mix)
14. Shout! (Slow Version)
15. Any Second Now (Dyrct Version)
Format MP3

01. Leave In Silence (O.D.L. Mix)
02. My Secret Garden (BassCircle Remix 2013)
03. Monument (Prayyer Mix)
04. Nothing to Fear (Robert Wildson Remix)
05. See You (O.F.F. Edit)
06. Satellite (Dark Wave Dub Mix)
07. The Meaning of Love (Shynty Dance Version)
08. A Photograph of You (Electric Version)
09. Shouldn’t Have Done That (C64 Edit)
10. The Sun & The Rainfall (Timeless Edit)
11. Now This is Fun (Say Cheese Mix)
12. Oberkorn (Blackman’s Is Not A Small Town Anymore Mix)
13. My Secret Garden (Slow Fool Remix)
14. Leave In Silence (One Step Beyond the Quieter Mix)
15 The Sun & The Rainfall (Black Light Odyssey Dub Edit)
Format MP3

01. Love in Itself (Josh Molot Mix)
02. More Than a Party (Run On the Spot Mix)
03. Pipeline (Crane Mix)
04. Everything Counts (Unique Force’s Finite Resources Remix)
05. Two Minute Warning (Synth Mix)
06. Shame (Insight On Remix)
07. The Landscape Is Changing (Prayyer Remix)
08. Told You So (Dj-nth Remix)
09. And Then (Fused Version)
10. Get the Balance Right (MFP Re-Edit)
11. The Great Outdoors! (Piano Cover)
12. Work Hard (Out-Of-Phaze-Mix)
13. Fools (Dj Vi & Klever Production Euro Dub)
14. Eveything Counts (Hit Me With Your LazerBeam Edit)
15. Love in Itself (SR Remix)
Format MP3

01. Something To Do (Solitary Confinement RMX)
02. Lie To Me (Waldorff Version)
03. People Are People (Fisso & Spark Bootleg)
04. It Doesn’t Matter (The Dam Remix)
05. Stories of Old (Extended Chill Re-Mix)
06. Somebody (Hapiness Won Remix)
07. Master and Servant (Colorless Winter Remix)
08. If You Want (Dead Zone Original Mix)
09. Blasphemous Rumours (Failed Ambient Excursion)
10. Shake the Disease (Adnan Sharif Remix)
11. In Your Memory (Prayyer Remix)
12. Flexible (Flexi Mix – ReRemix 2002)
13. It’s Called a Heart (Special Extended Dub)
14. Master and Servant (Lia Organa and Electric Prince Mix)
15. Shake the Disease (Pet Progress Remix)
Format MP3

01. Black Celebration (Richard Nees Slow Mix V2)
02. Fly On the Windscreen (Waldorff Version)
03. A Queston Of Lust (The Dam Remix)
04. Sometimes (Below Zero Mix)
05. It Doesn’t Matter Two (Syrob Old School Remix)
06. A Queston of Time (House Remix)
07. Stripped (Gariy & Hacker Remix)
08. Here is the House (Fzero Remix)
09. World Full of Nothing (Down Bottom Mix)
10. Dressed in Black (The Dam Remix)
11. New Dress (New Mix V2)
12. Black Day (Dj Joy Time Remix)
13. Christmas Island (Euroclinic Version)
14. Fly On the Windscreen (Richard Nees End of the World Edit)
15. Stripped (Viscoid Version)
Format MP3

01. Never Let Me Down Again (LittleCrash Remix)
02. The Things You Said (EMP Remix)
03. Strangelove (Dj Sangio Remix)
04. Sacred (R-Lowpulse Solid Mix)
05. Little 15 (The World Outside Mix)
06. Behind the Wheel (O.D.L. Final Mix)
07. I Want You Now (Naked Vocal Edit)
08. To Have and To Hold (Arnold T Remix)

01. Nothing (Fawless Fail Remix)
02. Pimpf (Bong Project 101)
03. Agent Orange (Dolmatovs Remix)
04. Pleasure Little Treasure (Tech Mix)
05. Route 66 (I Feel Loved BTW)
06. Stjarna (Kellertechnik Remix)
07. Sonata No 14 (AXXYDLBAAXR Version)

01. World in my Eyes (Yehuda Mata Reconstruction Mix)
02. Sweetest Perfection (Mark Reeder’s Sweetest Conception Mix)
03. Personal Jesus (Marco Cancian Remix)
04. Halo (Spatial Mix)
05. Waiting for the Night (Remix by Lasteden)
06. Enjoy th Silence (Cinematic Remix)
07. Policy of Truth (ExciterSoul Wheel Remix 2013)
08. Blue Dress (2013 Island LRM Mix)
09. Clean (Waldorff Version)

Bonus Tracks:
10. Dangerous (Markov Defect Version)
11. Memphisto (Alex Stone Version)
12. Sibeling (Anders Ilar Ambient Re-make)
13. Kaleid (Reinterpreted by Ferdj)
14. Happiest Girl (Waldorff Version)
15. Sea of Sin (The Sinest Edit)
Format MP3

01. I Feel You (Precious Soul Mix)
02. Walking in my Shoes (Rick Silva & Alex Mode Reconstruktion Mix)
03. Condemnation (Nicolas Rada Remix)
04. Mercy In You (Devotionally Behind Mix)
05. Judas (Narrowest Mix)
06. In Your Room (Colorless Winter Remix)
07. Get Right with Me (ProFOND Version)
08. Rush (Waldorff Version)
09. One Caress (Lord Moribund Abe Sada Mix)
10. Higher Love (K71 Eclipse Mix)

Bonus Tracks:
11. Death’s Door (Denickoff Instrumental)
12. I Feel You (J-Storez in Modeified Mode Version)
13. Walking in my Shoes (MS Endless Remix)
14. Higher Love (Kenetik Remix)
15. In Your Room (Skurva’s Head Ache Mix)
Format MP3

01. Barrel of a Gun (Combijn Remix)
02. The Love Thieves (FDieu Remix)
03. Home (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix)
04. It’s No Good (DJ Graffity & Henner Remix 2012)
05. Uselink (Analog-x64 Version)
06. Useless (Dosul Rework)
07. Sister of Night (Colorless Winter’s “Feeling Insecure Remix”)
08. Jazz Thieves (Frontgarden Mix)
09. Freestate (Deprivation Dub)
10. The Bottom Line (Monomania Altered Version)
11. Insight (Josh Molot 75% Mix)
12. Painkiller (Tears of Desperation Mix)
13. Slowblow (Longblow)
14. Only When I Lose Myself (Alex Khashi Remix)
15. Surrender (DaTa Intro)
16. Headstar (DaTa Remix)
Format MP3

01. Dream On (Falki Remix)
02. Shine (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix)
03. The Sweetest Condition (Remix)
04. When the Body Speaks (HIV Remix)
05. The Dead of Night (Electronicat Remix Instrumental)
06. Lovetheme (DM Vs Aphex Twin)
07. Freelove (O.D.L. Mix)
08. Comatose (Comatose Version)
09. I Feel Loved (Temix US Vaingolts)
10. Breathe (Guitar Arragement V1 Mix)
11. Easy Tiger (Sonoma Reprise)
12. I Am You (Distorted)
13. Goodnight Lovers (Exbee Remix)
14. Zenstation (DaTa Remix)
15. Dream On (Dj Wild Dawn Mix)
Format MP3

01. A Pain That I’m Used To (Dj Dab Jacks Lu Conte – Vocal Mix)
02. John the Revelator (Littlecrash Remix)
03. Suffer Weel (Super Air Remix)
04. The Summer In Me (Cold Night Construction X-Mas Special)
05. Precious (Island PTA Remix 2012)
06. Macro (Island Dub)
07. I Want It All (Alex Khashi Remix)
08. Nothing’s Impossible (Walfdorff Version)
09. The Darkest Star (Bird Mix)
10. Introspectre (Icing Rider Mix)
11. Lilian (Loudspeaker Remix)
12. Free (The Snippet Remix)
13. Martyr (Sie Remix)
14. New Born (O.D.L. Remix)
15. Precious (Comatose Remix)
Format MP3

01. In Chains (Island Devotional Remix)
02. Hole to Feed (GoranJT Remix – Radio Edit)
03. Wrong (The Black Jack Mix)
04. Fragile Tension (Extract from Club Mix)
05. Little Soul (MLG Cleaning Soul Remix)
06. In Sympathy (Extended Escape Mix)
07. Peace (The Frequency Mix)
08. Come Back (FDieu Mix)
09. Spacewalker (Newborn Extended Synth Mix)
10. Perfect (MLG Different Perfection Mix)
11. Miles Away – The Truth Is Insight System Remix)
12. Jezebel (Remix by O.D.L.)
13. Corrupt (Planet Andora Long Version)
14. Light (Waldorff Light Version)
15. Ghost (Tekni-ka Remix)
16. Oh Well (Every Dream Counts Mix)
Format MP3

01. Welcome to my World (Black Radio Remix)
02. Angel (Remix)
03. Heaven (Difference Remix)
04. Secret to the End (Delta & Drums Mix)
05. My Little Universe (Will & Saint Edit)
06. Slow (Remix Instrumental)
07. Broken (Waldorff Rework)
08. The Child Inside (Binaural Remix)
09. Soft Touch-Raw Nerve (Poly Gore Extended)
10. Should Be Higher (Naweed Year Mix)
11. Alone (Extended Mix)
12. Soothe My Soul (Echo Out Remix)
13. Godbye (Devotional Quiet Remix)
14. Long Time Lie (Locked Instrumental)
15. Happens All the Time (Difference Remix)
16. Always (Re-count Remix)
17. All That’s Mine (10 LB Mix)
18. Should Be Higher (SynFlex Edit)
19. My Little Universe (My Little Reprise)
Format MP3

01 Going Backwards (Menace Remix)
02 Where’s The Revolution (Remix by DJ van Garderen)
03 The Worst Crime (Menace vs. Solitary Club Remix)
04 Scum (feat Shadow)
05 You Move (Avagliano Mix 2020)
06 Cover Me (Crazyco Remix)
07 Eternal (Old Record Scratchy Popping Effect)
08 Poison Heart (Instrumental ALexis Voice Remix)
09 So Much Love (Ispro Remix)
10 Poorman (DJ Dave-G Mix)
11 No More (This Is The Last Time)(Art Remix)
12 Fail (ELR)
13 Going Backwards (Helge-Hart Club Long Mix)
14 Cover Me (Cristian Manolo Hypnotik Love Dub)
15 Where’s The Revolution (Trod Edit)
Format MP3


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