Chronicon Collection

Chronicon Collection

Temps de lecture : 5 minutes

01 Junior Painkiller (8 Remix)
02 Policy Of Truth (DJ Marika Amp Tripwerk Remix)
03 Better Days (Island Cold Instrumental)
04 Shine (Trance Mix )
05 The Things You Said (Extended Dub)
06 And Then (2013 Techno Remix)
07 I Feel Loved (Motortype Remix)
08 Something To Do (Slow In Your Dream Fdieu Remix)
09 Always (Fdieu Remix)
10 Lilian (Trance Mix)
11 Dream On (Personal Funky Breaks Remix)
12 Everything Counts (Pete Bellis RMX)
Format MP3

1.Stripped (Lu Cifer Is Stripped) 07:30
2.The Sun & The Rainfall (Remix Edit by Josh Gabriel) 04:23
3.Never Let Me Down Again (Instrumental ORK Bootleg Remix) 04:28
4.Nothings Impossible (Trance Mix by DJ Jean Alpohin) 05:08
5.Freelove (Zone Depeche Live Remix) 07:02
6.Broken (Fdieu Remix) 05:30
7.Enjoy The Silence (Pix Remix) 06:10
8.Personal Jesus (Reaps Remix) 05:41
9.In Your Room (Waldorff Remix) 04:07
10.Only When I Lose Myself (Fun Da Brat Mix) 08:06
11.Black Celebration (Edobot Sampling Remix) 03:51
12.Walking In My Shoes (X-Reconstruction Mix) 08:32
13.Shake The Disease (Painlove Remix) 06:20
Format MP3

01 Waiting For The Night (DATA Preversion)
02 Personal Jesus (Murilo Oliveira Remix)
03 Policy Of Truth (Fdieu 2015 Edit)
04 Clean (Remixed by Marika, Elektromekanik)
05 John The Revelator (Island Johny Mix)
06 Lilian (Naweed Mix)
07 Here Is The House (Radicalsound Remix)
08 Should be Higher (Barber’s Club Mix)
09 Halo (Hyperspd Mix)
10 A Pain That I’m Used To (Fadeout Remix)
11 Enjoy The Silence (Misha Pioner Remix)
12 The Sun And The Rainfall (Cyborg Remix by Dominatrix)
Format MP3

01 Personal Jesus (Fdieu Remix)
02 I Feel Loved (DJ Fisun Remix)
03 Never Let Me Down Again (Zako Remix)
04 Only When I Lose Myself (Lexicon Avenue Remix)
05 I Feel You (Dub Remix)
06 Lilian (Island Noise Mix)
07 Dream On (Alex Astero & Evan Sax Remix)
08 Policy Of Truth (Lost In Space Bootleg Remix)
09 Soft Touch_Raw Nerve (Fdieu Remix)
10 Personal Jesus (Dj Legran & Alex RoscoRMX)
11 It’s No Good (Re Dupre Bootleg Rmx)
12 Welcome To My World (Universe Remix Instrumental)
13 Lilian (Island Dub Mix)
14 A Pain That I’m Used To (Dominatrix Extendet Mix)
Format MP3

01 Enjoy The Silence (Kornhaused)
02 A Pain That I’m Used To (Idaho’s Erotic Pain Mix)
03 Broken (MuphyG Overdub Remix Instr.)
04 I Feel Loved And Dream On (My Recyphered 666)
05 The Things You Said (Re-created by sb70)
06 The Dead Of Night (Great Grey Owl Hard Remix Edit)
07 Freelove (Island White Radio Mix)
08 Waiting For The Night (Techni-ka Violator Remix)
09 Mercy In You (Ambient Mix)
10 Heaven (Trance Mix 2014 DJ Jean Alpohin)
11 Wrong (Studio House Mix)
12 My Little Universe (M2M Rework)
13 Shake The Disease (Colin Peters Remix)
14 Everything Counts (DJ Bit Remix)
Format MP3

01 Sacred (Short Duble Dub Mix)
02 Headstar (Apollo 808 Mix)
03 Goodbye (Fdieu Remix)
04 Hole To Feed (Haloed Ghost Remix)
05 I Feel Loved (Piano Mix)
06 Martyr (Dave Is In The Disco Mix)
07 Only When I Lose Myself (Techni-ka Remix)
08 Work Hard (Out-Of-Phaze-Mix)
09 Leave In Silence (Electro Dub)
10 Walking In My Shoes (Unreal Ritual Of Life Remix)
11 Just Can’t Get Enough (Dirty South Mix Edit)
12 Policy Of Truth (Marocco Mix)
Format MP3

01 Enjoy The Silence (RAfBOy Mix)
02 Blasphemous Rumours (Summer Day Dance Cut)
03 The Sun And The Rainfall (Cold Storm Mix)
04 Compulsion (Synth Mix)
05 Walking In My Shoes (Electro Funk Edit)
06 Should Be Higher (Difference Remix)
07 Lilian (Canyon Trip Mix)
08 Wrong (The Black Jack Mix)
09 Goodbye (Devotional Quiet Mix)
10 Personal Jesus (Dj Mack Di & Dj Velial Mash-Up)
11 The Sun And The Rainfall (Dark Storm Mix)
12 Big Muff (Mother F Hammer Off You Mix)
13 Enjoy The Silence (Touch Silence Bampers)
Format MP3

01 My Little Universe (Kevin di Serna Remix)
02 Welcome To My World (Audacity Remix)
03 Never Let Me Down Again (Veganic Brian Remix)
04 Personal Jesus (Palma’s Reaching Out Mix)
05 Dream On (Boris Nazarov Remix)
06 Policy Of Truth (Kimshies Hacking Remix)
07 People Are People (Constellation Lyra Remix)
08 Policy Of Truth (Maceo Plex Personal Edit)
09 Shake The Disease (MLG Ambient Dub Mix V1.0)
10 Everything Counts (Hybrid Remix)
11 It’s No Good (Maceo Plex Remix)
12 Waiting For The Night (The Dam Remix)
13 Behind The Wheel (Maxence Cryin Piano Vocal Mix)
14 The Things You Said (Constellation Lyra Remix)
Format MP3

01 Fly On The Windscreen (Dj Haycat Remix)
02 Nothing’s Impossible (Island 110 Classic Remix)
03 Always (Quaom Always Faster Remix)
04 Never Let Me Down Again (Safar Mix)
05 I Feel Loved (Fdieu C64 Remix)
06 Something To Do (J_3 Mix)
07 People Are People (Strangers Integration Mix)
08 Nothing (Edobot Version 23)
09 Told You So (Renty Tom Tom Mix)
10 John The Revelator (Extended Version)
11 Fly On The Windscreen (The Tenth Stage Remix)
12 Walking In My Shoes (Extended Touch by Mollem Studios)
13 Black Celebration (Alternative Version)
Format MP3

01 Secret To The End (Fdieu Motion Edit)
02 Personal Jesus (Silent Poet Mix)
03 Heaven (Fdieu ReMix V2.0)
04 New Dress (Reaps Remix)
05 Blasphemous Rumours (DavidMix)
06 Oberkorn (Domination In A Secret Garden Remix)
07 All That’s Mine (Stysa68 Mix)
08 Lilian (Dimazz Dance Extended Mix)
09 A Pain That I’m Used To (Final Sonar Mix)
10 Soothe My Soul (Leomeo Private Edit)
11 Fly On The Windscreen (The Tenth Stage Remix)
12 Nodisco (AR Remix)
Format MP3

01 Judas (Out Of Time Mix)
02 Photographic (DRSJ Remix)
03 Personal Jesus (Funky Beats For Jesus)
04 I Want It All (House Version)
05 Fly On The Windscreen (Minimal Mix)
06 I Feel You (Dub Remix)
07 It’s Called a Heart (Suburbass)
08 Personal Jesus (Tolex Bootleg)
09 Freelove (Minimal Chorus Mix)
10 My Little Universe (Fdieu Little Remix)
11 Broken (Trance Mix 2014 DJ Jean Alpohin)
12 Enjoy The Silence (Dj Renat Remix)
13 I Want It All (Float Dub Edit)
14 Cover Me (Find Me In Another Life Remix)
Format MP3


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