Ultra Rare Trax

Ultra Rare Trax

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Ultra Rare Trax Vol 1
Ultra Rare Trax Vol 2

01 Master / Set Me Free (Razormaid Mix)
02 It’s Called A Heart (Razormaid Mix)
03 Behind The Wheel Take 1 (Dub Mix)
04 Halo (Uncomfortable Mix)
05 World In My Eyes (Razormaid Mix)
06 Policy Of Truth (Art Of Mix)
07 Enjoy The Silence (Razormaid Mix)
08 Behind The Wheel Take 2 (Video Mix)
09 Strangelove (Razormaid Mix)
10 New Dress (Razormaid Mix)
11 Death’s Door Take 1 (Joy Mix)
12 Death’s Door Take 2 (Blue Angel Mix)
Format MP3

1 Route 66 (Nile Rogers Remix)
2 Dangerous (Art Of Mix)
3 Strangelove (U.S. DJ Edit)
4 Death Wish (On-U-Sound)
5 Just Can’t Get Enough (On-U-Sound)
6 Photographic (On-U-Sound)
7 Sea Of Sin (Razormaid)
8 Enjoy The Silence (Hollywood Mix)
9 Nothing (Dallas Beat Mix)
10 But Not Tonight (Robert Margouleff Mix)
11 Behind The Wheel (Razormaid)
12 A Question Of Lust (Robert Margouleff Mix)
Format MP3

Ultra Rare Trax Vol 3
Ultra Rare Trax Vol 4

1 Strange Love (Fresh Ground Mix)
2 Happiest Girl (Razormaid Mix)
3 I Love, You Love, Me Love (Birthday Mix) 5:34
4 Down In The Boom Docks (Spector Mix) 2:51
5 New Mode Meca 90 16:06
6 Halo (Hellfire Mix)
7 World In My Eyes (Mayhem Mode Mix)
8 Something To Do (Metal Mix)
9 Strangelove (Bomb The Bass Mix)
10 Waiting For The Night (L.A. Lunar Mix)
Format MP3

1 A Question Of Time (Old Town Mix)
2 Personal Jesus (Kazan Cathedral Mix)
3 Enjoy The Silence (Triad Mix)
4 Are People People? (Adrian On-U-Sound Sherwood)
5 Sea Of Sin (Samplemaster Mix)
6 Fly On The Windscreen (Touch Me Mix)
7 Just Can’t Get Enough (Rubbermaid Mix)
8 To Have And To Hold (Icelandic Taster Mix)
9 Dangerous (Hazchemix)
10 A Question Of Lust (Minimal Mix)
11 Deaths Door (Skeleton Key Mix)
12 I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead (Flexi Mix)
Format MP3

Ultra Rare Trax Vol 5
Ultra Rare Trax Vol 6
Millennium Remixes

1  Home (Radio Edit Version)
2  Behind The Wheel (US Promo Dub Mix)
3  Strangelove (U.K. Promo Highjack Mix)
4  It’s No Good (Club 69 Future Dub Mix)
5  Enjoy The Silence (U.K. Promo Only Video Mix)
6  Halo (911 DJ Remix)
7  Barrel Of A Gun (One Inch Punch Mix)
8  Never Let Me Down Again (CHR Single Mix)
9  Coming Back To You (Tower Of Song Only)
10 Sister Of Night (Triad Mix)
11 A Question Of Lust (Speedy Jay Remix)
12 Route 66-Behind The Wheel (Mega Single Mix)
Format MP3

1  World In My Eyes (Distortion Remix)
2  Stripped (Tricky Perversion Mix)
3  Waiting For The Night (Sonic Integration Remix)
4  Barrel Of A Gun (Tiny Edit)
5  Shake The Disease (Buds Ambient Mix)
6  Only When I Lose Myself (Crayfish In Burgundy Remix)
7  Rush (Black Sun Mix)
8  Useless (OGR Mix)
9  Lie To Me (OGR Mix)
10 I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead (Big Beat Mix)
11 Master & Servant (Modeness Mix)
12 Enjoy The Silence (ML Gore Vocal Demo Version)
13 Sibeling (Demo Version)
14 Memphisto (Demo Version)
15 Postulate (Instrumental Demo Version)
16 Interlude #3 (Demo Version)
Format MP3

Ultra Rare Trax Vol 7
Emotion 2000 Remixes
Ultra Rare Trax Vol 8
Acapella Mixes

1  Personal Jesus (Reach Out 2000 Version)
2  The Things You Said (Harmony Mix)
3  One Caress (1994 Remix)
4 Behind The Wheel (DJ 2000 Remix)
5  If You Want (Extended PD Mix)
6  Fly On The Windscreen (Unheard Mix)
7  Flexible (Wilder Playground Mix)
8  Waiting For The Night (Can You Feel Mix)
9  Master & Servant (Dislexic Integration)
10 Sacred (Pre-Mix)
11 Monghi (Instrumental Demo Version)
12 Master & Servant (Pre-Mix)
13 Stories Of Old (Pre-Mix)
14 Shake The Disease (M.L. Gore Demo Version)
15 Lie To Me (M.L. Gore Demo Version)
Format MP3

1  Only When I Lose Myself (Martin’s Guitar Up Version)
2  Stripped (Apollo Mix)
3  Nodisco (New Millennium Mix)
4  Lie To Me (SP Mix)
5  Blasphemous Rumours (Secret Mix)
6  Stories Of Old (Extended Remix 1999)
7  If You Want (Renty Retro Mix 2000)
8  Dangerous (In Your Arms Mix)
9  Only When I Lose Myself (Accapella Version Two)
10 Strangelove (Demo Version)
11 Pleasure Little Treasure (Demo Version)
12 Agent Orange (Demo Version)
Format MP3


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