Depeche Mode The Strikes Collection

Depeche Mode The Strikes Collection

Temps de lecture : 16 minutes
The 1st Strike - DJ's Revenge

01. Photographic (Some Bizarre Edit) [03:15]
02. Personal Jesus (Kazan Cathedral Mix) [04:15]
03. Just Can’t Get Enough (Disconet Mix) [07:46]
04. A Question of Time (Class-X Mix) [06:55]
05. Behind The Wheel (Disconet Mix) [06:58]
06. Get The Balance Right (Class-X Mix) [06:23]
07. Little 15 (Bogus Brothers Mix) [06:06]
08. Dreaming Of Me (Discotrax Mix) [03:48]
09. Pleasure, Little Treasure (Razormaid Mix) [06:16]
10. Behind The Wheel (Razormaid Mix) [06:23]
11. Strangelove (Razormaid Mix) [06:57]
12. Dangerous (Art of Mix) [07:12]
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The 2th Strike

01-Halo (Bogus Brothers Mix)
02-People are people (Razormaid Mix)
03-Happiest Girl (Razormaid Mix)
04-Enjoy the Silence (Razormaid Mix)
05-Master and Servant (Razormaid Mix)
06-Behind the wheel_ route 66 (Ivan Megamix)
07-World in my eyes (Razormaid Mix)
08-It’s called a heart (Razormaid Mix)
09-Sea of sin (Razormaid Mix)
10-Policy of truth (Art of ‘memorandum’ mix)
11-But Not Tonight (Margouleff Mix)
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The 3rd Strike

01.Enjoy the Silence (Indefinite Mix)
02.But Not Tonight (Margouleff Mix)
03.Strangelove (Joseph Watt Remix)
04.Remotivate Me (Joseph Watt Remix)
05.New Dress (Razormaid Mix)
06.Nodisco (Razormaid Mix)
07.World in my Eyes (Mayham Mode Mix)
08.Everything Counts (Alan Moulder Mix)
09.Route 66 (Nile Rodgers’ Mix)
10.Behind the Wheel (DJ Remix Edit)
11.Photographic (On-USound Remix)
12.I Sometimes Wish I was Dead (On-USound Remix)
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The 4th Strike

01.Enjoy the Silence (Promo Mix)
02.A Question of Lust (Robert Margouleff Remix)
03.Just Can’t Get Enough (On Usound Remix)
04.Master and Servant (Hammerhead Remix)
05.Never Let Me Down Again (Groovymix)
06.It’s Called a Heart (Prehistoric Razormaid Mix)
07.World in My Eyes (Ultimix)
08.Rush (Dub Mix)
09.I Want You Now (No 5 Mix)
10.Here is the House (Sung by Martin)
11.Violence (Unreleased Track)
12.I Feel no Guilt (Unreleased Track)
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The 5th Strike

01.Halo (Comfortable Mix)
02.World in my Eyes (Bogus Brothers Mix)
03.Fools (Unreleased Version)
04.Flexible – Just Can’t Get Enough (Hot Tracks Mix)
05.Nothing (Justin Strauss Remix)
06.Strangelove (Bomb the Bass Remix)
07.People are People (On-U-Sound Remix)
08.Master and Servant (On-U-Sound Remix)
09.Musikfaktory Mastermix (Megamix)
10.Disconet Megamix
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The 6th Strike

01.Rush (Wild Planet Mix)
02.Strangelove (Powerhouse Mix)
03.Enjoy the Silence (Ultra Hot Razor Cut)
04.Sea of Sin (Ultra Hot Razor Cut)
05.Strangelove (Disco-Tech Mix)
06.Nothing (Art of Mix)
07.Waiting for the Night (Space Dub Mix)
08.Music for the Masses (Megamix)
09.Fly on the Windscreen (Nobu-Bros. Mix)
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The 7th Strike

01.Black Wax Medley
02.Judas (Strange Version)
03.I Feel You (More Fun Mix)
04.Mix of Faith and Devotion
05.Just Can’t Get Enough (DJ International Rec Mix)
06.Strangelove (Fresh Ground Mix)
07.Violator Mix
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The Special 8th Strike

01 Little 15 (Classic Mix)
02 Photographic (Focus Mix)
03 Monument (Reaggaelectric Mix)
04 Higher Love (Higher Mix)
05 Any Second Now (Clockwise Mix)
06 Judas (Bombastic Mix)
07 A Question of Lust (Answer Mix)
08 Clean (Noogie’s Mix)
09 Walking In My Shoes (Moon Mix)
10 Waiting For The Night (The Real Noogman Mix)
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The Special 9th Strike

01 Leave In Silence (Jingle Jangle Mix)
02 Behind The Wheel (Liquid Mix)
03 Never Let Me Down Again (Solid Remix)
04 Nothing To Fear (Noogman’s Revenge)
05 In Your Room (Dark Vibes Mix)
06 Everything Counts (Whistling Mix)
07 Strangelove (Wah Wah Mix)
08 Stripped (Stripping For Mom Mix)
09 Pipeline (Arab Mix)
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The Special 10th Strike

01 It Doesn’t Matter Two (Mysterious Mix)
02 Enjoy The Silence (Blue Mix)
03 Black Celebration (Fast Celebration Mix)
04 Two Minute Warning (Synth Mix)
05 World In My Eyes (Holy World Mix)
06 Halo (Dark Tone Mix)
07 Told You So (Noog That Beat Mix)
08 Policy Of Truth (Oriental Mix)
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The 11th Strike

01.Behind the Wheel (Long Version)
02.Dreaming of Me (House Mix)
03.The Things You Said (Club Mix)
04.I Want You Little 15 (Rough Beat Mix)
05.Ice Machine (Kild Remix)
06.Rush (Spiritual Mastermix)
07.Shake the Disease (Long Version)
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The Special 12th Strike

01 It’s Called A Heart (Mistery Mix)
02 People Are People (Long Version)
03 Master And Servant (House Mix)
04 A Question Of Time (Tekno Mix)
05 Just Can’t Get Enough (Edit Version)
06 New Dress (Edit Version)
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The 12th 1/2 Strike

01.Little 15 (Opera Remix)
02.The Things You Said (Harmony Mix)
03.One Caress (94′ Remix)
04.World in my Eyes (Distortion Mix)
06.Megamix (On-U-Sound)
07.Halo (Unreleased 12 Inch Version)
08.Ice Machine (Shake Mix)
09.Enjoy the Silence (Rub-A-Dub Mix)
10.Enjoy the Silence (Ricki-Tik-Tik Mix)
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The Special 13th Strike - Japanese Revenge Sunshine Mixes

01.Master and Servant (Pre-release Promo Version)
02.It’s Called a Heart (Slow Mix)
03.Flexible (Pre-Deportation Mix)
04.A Question of Lust (Pre-release Promo Version)
05.Strangelove (Pre-release Promo Blind Edit Mix)
06.Behind the Wheel-Route 66 (Pre-release Promo Mega Single Mix)
07.Sweetest Perfection (Phasing Version)
08.Personal Jesus (Reach Out Version)
09.Waiting for the Night (Martin’s Vocal Version)
10.Enjoy the Silence (The Quad – Final Version)
11.Blue Dress (Black Version)
12.Happiest Girl (Pre-release Promo Version)
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The 14th Strike
Modern Times

01. Martin L. Gore – Compulsion (Remix One) 6:48
02. Depeche Mode – The Sun & The Rainfall (Things Must Change – 1995 Remix) 5:25
03. Martin L. Gore – Compulsion (Shock Wave Remix) 6:29
04. Martin L. Gore – In A Manner Of Speaking (Trandy Mix) 6:06
05. Martin L. Gore – Smile In The Crowd (Oriental Mix) 7:37
06. Martin L. Gore – Gone (Tribal Remix) 6:46
07. Martin L. Gore – Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth (Dub Line Mix) 4:01
08. Martin L. Gore – Motherless Child (Dark Wave Mix) 4:03
09. Depeche Mode – Walking In My Shoes (911 Mix) 7:11
10. Recoil – Faith Healer (Healed Mix) 3:53
11. Depeche Mode – Strangelove (Future Mix) 6:23
12. Depeche Mode – Master And Servant (Demo Version) 3:46
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The Special 14th Strike
Lust Mixes

01.A Question of Time (Instrumental)
02.A Question of Lust (Flood)
03.It’s Called a Heart (Razormaid Dub)
04.Shake the Disease (Pre Release Promo)
05.It Doesn’t Matter Two (Montana Vocal Edit)
06.But Not Tonight (Pre Release Promo)
07.I Feel You (Pre Release Promo Intro Edit)
08.Walking in my Shoes (Pre Release Promo Edit)
09.World in my Eyes (Dub in my Eyes)
10.Happiest Girl (The Pulsating Orbital Vocal)
11.Personal Jesus (Reach Out Dub)
12.Halo (Unreleased Dub)
13.Kaleid (When Worlds)
14.Behind the Wheel-Route 66 (Megadub)
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The 15th Strike

01.Boys Say Go (Unreleased Rough Mix)
02.Coming Back to You (Unreleased Track)
03.Rush (KROQ Mix)
04.Policy of Truth (The Brat Mastermix)
05.I Feel You (The Brat Mastermix)
06.Waiting for the Night (The Brat Mastermix)
07.Personal Jesus (The Brat Mastermix)
08.Stripped (Extended Dub Mix)
09.Walking in my Shoes (Random Gonads Mix)
10.My Joy (H.I.S. Mix)
11.Flexible (’94 Remix)
12.Kaleid (Concert Intro Version)
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The Special 15th Strike
Black Violation

01.World in my Eyes (N.I.P. 7” Remix)
02.Here is the House (Safar Violation for the Masses Remix)
03.It Doesn’t Matter Two (Montana Dub Mix)
04.Fools (Danmark Mix)
05.Never Let Me Down Again (Safar Violation for the Masses Remix)
06.Behind the Wheel (Dub)
07.I Want You Now (Wads Mix)
08.Nothing (Dub)
09.I Feel You (REM DM Remix)
10.Strangemix (On-Usound Megamix)
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The 16th Strike
Walking To The Shoreline Part I

03.Behind the Wheel
04.Everything Counts
05.World in my Eyes
06.Walking in my Shoes
09.Rush (Frisco Live Mixes)
10.Halo (Frisco Live Mixes)
11.Behind the Wheel (Frisco Live Mixes)
12.Everything Counts Vers 1 (Frisco Live Mixes)
13.World in my Eyes (Holy World Mix)
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The 17th Strike
Walking To The Shoreline Part II

01.I Want You Now (Live)
02.In Your Room (Live)
03.Never Let Me Down Again (Live)
04.I Feel You (Live)
05.Personal Jesus (Live)
06.Somebody (Live) (Encore)
07.Enjoy the Silence (Live) (Encore)
08.A Question of Time (Live) (Encore)
09.Walking in my Shoes (Moon Mix)
10.Never Let Me Down Again (Solid Remix)
11.It Doesn’t Matter Two (Montana Mix)
12.Everything Counts Vers. 2 (Frisco- L. Mix)
13.Rush (Dub Mix)
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The 18th Strike
Digital Technology

01.Walking in my Shoes (Loop Guru Mix)
02.In Your Room (Hiroshima Mix)
03.Fly on the Windscreen (Extended Live Mix)
04.In Your Room (Ambient Mix)
05.Enjoy the Silence (Mode to Enjoy Mix)
06.Memphisto (Logic Mix)
07.Higher Love (Rise ”GRID” Mix)
08.Technology Megamix
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The 18th Strike
Ultra Remixes

01. Barrel Of A Gun (Ultra Remix 2) 8:20
02. The Love Thieves (Ultra Remix 2) 7:17
03. Home (Ultra Remix 2) 7:33
04. It’s No Good (Ultra Remix 2) 8:09
05. Sister Of Night (Triad Remix) 8:57
06. Megamix (Ultra Mega Mix) 18:22
07. Strangelove (Ultra Remix) 7:11
08. Happiest Girl (Ultra Remix) 7:13
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The 19th Strike

The Remix Part:
1 Barrel Of A Gun (Hard Tune Mix) 5:42
2 It’s No Good (Club 69 Future Mix)    8:03
3 It’s No Good (Club 69 Future Dub)   7:04
4 It’s No Good (Club 69 Funk Dub)     5:04

The Live Part:
5 Any Second Now 2:57
6 Photographic 3:18
7 Nodisco 3:06
8 New Life 4:04
9 Puppets 3:25
10 Ice Machine 3:49
11 Big Muff 4:08
12 I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead 2:06
13 Tora! Tora! Tora! 2:55
14 Just Can’t Get Enough 3:50
15 Boys Say Go! 2:44
16 What’s Your Name 2:50
17 Television Set 3:16
18 Dreaming Of Me 3:37
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The 20th Strike
The World Of Sound & Harmonie

01. See You (991 Rmx) 3:59
02. New Life (Fresh Rmx) 4:10
03. The Meaning Of Love (Rmx) 3:56
04. Love In Itself (’97 Rmx) 4:28
05. Shame (Dawn-Vocal-Rmx) 3:57
06. Lie To Me (Deep Beat Rmx) 5:37
07. Something To Do (Groove-Ridin’ Rmx) 6:13
08. Shake The Disease (’97 Rmx) 5:43
09. Blasphemous Rumours (Joey B.-Rmx) 4:53
10. Just Can’t Get Enough (’97 Rmx) 3:47
11. New Dress (David D. Rmx) 6:38
12. If You Want (Future Remix) 4:33
13. Pleasure Little Treasure (Harmony-Sound Escape-Rmx) 2:37
Bonus Tracks:
14. Painkiller / Barrel Of A Gun (Couple Remix 1997) 6:55
15. Jokin’ Dave (Live Finish TV ’97) 0:58
16. It’s No Good (Live Finish TV ’97) 3:43
Format MP3

The 21th Strike
The Ultimate Ultra Remixes Part II

01.Love Thieves (In the Mood Remix)
02.Barrel of a Gun (Barrel of a Drum Mix)
03.Uselink (Ambient Mix)
04.Useless (Bristol Drum’N Bass Mix)
05.It’s No Good (Drum’N Bass Mix)
06.Slowblow (Drum’N Bass Mix)
07.Bottom Line (Trance House Mix)
08.Home (Hardstep Mix)
09.Freestate (Trance Mix)
10.Jazz Thieves (Triphop Mix)
11.Barrel of a Gun (Punch Vinyl Mix)
Format MP3

The 22th Strike
12" Remixes By Jonathan McBride

01 Policy Of Truth (Ambi Dub *98 )
02 Love In Itself (Acoustic Mix)
03 World In My Eyes (Old School Club Mix)
04 Flexible (Latin Mix)
05 Enjoy The Silence (Psycho Electro Dub)
06 Happiest Girl (Pump Up The House Mix)
07 People Are People (Metal Edit)
08 Shake The Disease (Big Mix *98 )
09 Pipeline (Chill Out Dub)
Format FLAC

The 23th Strike
Venetian Dreams

01.Barrel of a Gun (Live)
02.I Feel You (Throb Mix)
03.Useless (Remix)
04.Walking in my Shoes (Piano Mix)
05.Never Let Me Down Again (Tsangarides Mix)
06.It’s No Good (Live)
07.Home (Grantby Mix)
08.In Your Room (Extended Zephyr Mix)
10.Happiest Girl (Single Version)
11.A Question of Time (Remix)
12.Policy of Truth (Single Version)
13.Enjoy the Silence (Hands and Feet Mix)
14.Personal Jesus (Acoustic)
Format MP3

The 24th Strike
Now This Is Fun

01.Barrel of a Gun (Slo-Mo Remix ’98)
02.The Bottom Line (Mellow Mix ’98)
03.Sister of Night (Big Mix ’98)
04.It’s No Good (Promo 12 Inch Remix)
05.Insight (Ambi-Mix)
06.Just Can’t Get Enough (Long Version ’98)
07.Any Second Now (JMB Mix)
08.See You (Pump up Mix ’98)
09.Now, this is Fun (JMB and Speedy Jay Mix)
Format MP3

The 25th Strike
Japanese Radio Specials

Remixes By Itashi
01 The Meaning Of Love (Love Remix ’98 )
02 Leave In Silence (Long Silence Mix ‘ 98 )
03 My Secret Garden (Joye’n Fun Mix ’98 )
04 Get The Balance Right (Itashi’s Balance Mix)
05 Everything Counts (911 Remix ’98 )

Remixes By Tandao
06 Work Hard (X-San Remix ’98 )
07 Love In Itself (Tokyo-Master-Mix)
08 Fools (Mighty-Boob-Mix)

The 26th Strike
Ultra Mega Mode

01.Jazz Thieves
03.The Bottom Line
04.Sister of Night
06.Useless (Cosmic – K & D)
10.It’s No Good
11.Barrel of a Gun
Format MP3

The 27th Strike
Headstar 27

01.Only When I Lose Myself (Funk Da Brat Remix)
02.Surrender (Romantic Mix)
03.Headstar (Apollo 808 Mix)
04.Everything Counts (T Ando Remix)
05.Strangelove (Reloop 911 Mix)
06.Never Let Me Down Again (Wall Of 303 – RMX)
07.Route 66 (Miles Away Mix)
08.Behind The Wheel (27 Specials Mix)
Format MP3

The 28th Strike
Nine Killers On Highway 28

01.Only When I Lose Myself (Itashi’s Way 99)
02.Painkiller (Speedy Budocan RMX)
03.Surrender (Tokyo Burner RMX, Tand)
04.Headstar (Highway 28 Mix)
05.Barrel Of A Gun (Itashi RMX 99)
06.It’s No Good (Gurman RMX, Seattle 99)
07.Home (Jay’s Party Edit)
08.Useless (Freestyle Mix)
09.Stripped (Burning Fairchild RMX)
Format MP3

The 29th Strike
Spacer Remixes

01.See You (Speedometer 2000 Mix)
02.Leave In Silence (Sentimental Jorney 99)
03.Just Can’t Get Enough (Spirit Mix)
04.Shake The Disease (Bud’s Ambiant Mix)
05.Set Me Free (Warp 2029 Mix)
06.Flexible (Studio 69 Mix)
07.Fly On The Windscreen (Light & Shadow Mix)
08.Love In Itself (Bassbumper Mix)
09.People Are People (Da Brat Spacer Mix 99)
Format MP3

The 30th Strike
Remixes from the Heart

01.Only When I Lose Myself (Josh Abraham Mix)
02.It’s No Good (Club 69 Funk Vocal Mix)
03.It’s No Good (BT Future House Mix)
04.It’s No Good (BT Trance Vocal Mix)
05.It’s No Good (BT Trance Dub Mix)
06.Behind The Wheel – Route 66 (Mega-Single Mix)
07.Behind The Wheel – Route 66 (Mega-Dub)
08.Strangelove (Mix Edit)
09.Nothing (US 7′ Mix)
10.Nothing (Dub)
11.Just Can’t Get Enough (Musicfactory Mastermix)
Format MP3

The 32th Strike 
Forgotten Tunes From The Ground

01.DMC International Megamix
02.Violation Medley
03.New Mode (Mega ’90)
04.Servant & Mastermix
05.Insight (Within Mix)
06.Behind the Wheel – Route 66 (Mega Single Mix)
07.Pimpf (T.M.E. Version)
08.Here is the House (Demo)
Format MP3

The 33th Strike
Millennium 33

01.Only When I Lose Myself (Josh Abrahams Remix Edit)
02.Stripped (Magic Mix)
03.People are People (Boris & Beck Vocal Mix)
04.Personal Jesus (Reach Out Mix)
05.Personal Jesus (Reach Out Dub)
06.Personal Jesus (Funky Breaks)
07.Rush (Exotic Frisco Version)
08.Flexible (Bert Bevans Remix)
09.Master and Servant (Demo)
10.Stories of Old (Demo)
11.Lie to Me (M.L.Gore Demo)
12.Shake the Disease (M.L. Gore Demo Version)
13.Down in the Boom Docks (Session)
14.I Love, You Love, Me Love (Session)
15.Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth (Flexi Version)
Format MP3

The 34th Strike
Dream On (Best of Selection)

01.Dream On (Net Mix)
02.Dream On (The Morning After Mix)
03.Dream On (DJ Center Mix)
04.Dream On (Freesiders Mix)
05.Dream On (Shakin ‘Da Dream Mix)
06.Dream On (Escapade Mix)
07.Dream On (P.I.T. Mix)
08.Dream On (Final Solution Mix)
09.Dream On (Erosion Mix)
10.Dream On (R. Erickson Mix)
11.Dream On (Execution Mix)
12.Dream On (Recollected Mix)
13.Dream On (A.T.M.P. Mix)
14.Dream On (X-Tended Feel the Love Mix)
15.Dream On (334 Club Stomp Mix)
Format MP3

The 35th Strike
I Feel Loved (Best of Selection)

01.I Feel Loved (Piano String Mix)
02.I Feel Loved (Feel More than Touch Mix)
03.I Feel Loved (Smirkeology Mix)
04.I Feel Loved (Nine Inch Fell Mix)
05.I Feel Loved (Matsushita – Special Mix)
06.I Feel Loved (New Operator – Special Mix)
07.I Feel Loved (Slyminx Mix)
08.I Feel Loved (Funk up – Club Mix)
09.I Feel Loved (Start up from the Ground Mix)
10.I Feel Loved (Go-Go Razer Mix)
11.I Feel Loved (Liquid 360 Club Mix)
12.I Feel Loved (Cyberrone Mix)
13.I Feel Loved (Sematic Mix)
14.I Feel Loved (Spellbound Love Mix)
15.I Feel Loved (334 Club Heavently Mix)
Format MP3

The 36th Strike
The Final Strike

01.My Secret Garden (D Fens)
02.Only When I Lose Myself (French Mix)
03.I Feel Loved (Extended Vocal Version)
04.Dream On (Feel the Love Remix)
05.Useless (Mastermix)
06.I Feel Loved (Melody Mix)
07.Freelove (Sucker Mix)
08.Megamode 98 (Megamix)
09.I Feel Loved (Snare)
10.Dream On – I Feel Loved (Crossmix)
Format MP3

The 37th Strike
Supersoul Highway

01.I Feel Loved (Copenhagen Mix)
02.Comatose (Ghost Speed Mix)
03.Dream On (World in my Dreams Mix)
04.I Am You (Devotee Mix)
05.I Am You (Minimal Remix)
06.Freelove (Deep Dish Freedom Remix)
07.Goodnight Lovers (Sea’s Bass Bounce)
08.Shine (Electromix)
09.Shine (Foot Stomper Mix)
10.Shine (Groove Loop Unreal Mix V2)
11.A Question of Lust (Ambient Mix)
12.I Want You Now (Live 1994)
13.Never Let Me Down Again (Live 2001 MTV)
Format MP3

The 38th Strike
Soulfingers RExciter

01.Dream On (T9’s Wet Dream Mix)
02.Shine (Red Night Mix)
03.The Sweetest Condition (X-Tended’s Slow Dub Mix)
04.When the Body Speaks (Night Remix)
05.The Dead of Night (Utra Rip Mix)
06.Freelove (Work that Sucker to Death Mix)
07.Comatose (DJ K8t’s Ekg for Fun & Prohet Mix)
08.I Feel Loved (XAKK Ibiza 2001 Illegal Mix)
09.Breathe (Real Drum Remix)
10.I Am You (LFO Rasta Bell Mix)
11.Goodnight Lovers (Monster Mix)
12.Dream On (Live in Philadelphia 2001)
13.I Feel Loved (Live in Philadelphia 2001)
Format MP3

The 39th Strike
Freelove (Best of Selection)

01.Freelove (Laurent F. Remix)
02.Freelove (Ultra Maximum Chorus – Mix)
03.Freelove (Katie vs. Wink – DJ K8T’s Trance Reinterpretation Mix)
04.Freelove (Deep in Love Mix Edit)
05.Freelove (Ultra Dance Mix)
06.Freelove (M@Y Mix)
07.Freelove (Extended Voice Mix)
08.Freelove (Minimal Chorus Mix)
09.Freelove (DeeDee’s Spiritual Mix)
10.Freelove (Deep Dish Freedom Dub)
11.Freelove (Deep Dish Freedom Instrumental)
Format MP3

The 40th Strike
Fourty Sonic Integrations

01.Dream On (Back Home Mix)
02.Stripped (Epic Indigo Moon Mix)
03.I Feel Loved (Butcher Brothers Remix)
04.Sacred (Synthetic Pulsating Vocal Mix)
05.Waiting for the Night (Sonic Integration Mix)
06.Freelove (Underground Labor Extended Mix)
07.Somebody (Spiral Tribe Mix)
08.Goodnight Lovers (Isan Falling Leaf Mix)
09.See You (Overground Mass Dub)
10.I Am You (Organia Mix)
11.A Photograph of You (Renty’s Long Exposure Mix)
12.Stories of Old (Magnum Mix)
13.Everything Counts (Black Project Mix)
Format MP3

The 41th Strike 

01 Lie To Me (Chainsaw Mix)
02 Behind The Wheel (Aliens SciFi Mix)
03 The Dead Of Night (Electronicat Remix)
04 Blue Dress (Violator 2000 Mix)
05 Here Is The House (Performance Mix)
06 Dream On (Demi Dub Extended Vocal Dance Mix)
07 Waiting For The Night (Stripped Windscreen Mix)
08 Goodnight Lovers (Remode Mix)
09 Dreaming Of Me (Bigstar Mix)
10 Personal Jesus (Unreleased Extended Instr. Version)
11 Nothing To Fear (Alexander Robotnick Remix)
12 Somebody (Unreleased SGR Demo)
13 I Feel Loved (Live In Los Angeles 2001)
Format MP3

The 42th Strike
Synthetic Trip 42

01.Never Let Me Down Again (Synthetic Trip Mix)
02.Nodisco (New Millenium Mix)
03.A Question of Lust (Frail Integration Mix)
04.Goodnight Lovers (Black Night Mix)
05.The Landscape is Changing (Reconstruction Mix)
06.Behind the Wheel (Peter Black Mix)
07.When the Body Speaks (Acoustic Version)
08.Black Celebration (Outer Space Mix)
09.Pipeline (Klanging Trance Mix)
10.I Feel Loved (Box Tech Mix)
11.Freestate (WTC NY Tribute Mix)
Format MP3

The 43th Strike
White 4 House 3

01.Sacred (Secret Believer Mix)
02.I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead (Beyond Mix)
03.The Things You Said (Infinite Knowledge Mix)
04.I Am You (Dark Obsession Mix)
05.Here is the House (White House Mix)
06.If You Want (Disco Mix)
07.Leave in Silence (Active Integration Version)
08.What’s Your Name (Extended Mix)
09.Freelove (Scary Mix)
10.I Want You Now (Serge Version)
11.Shout (Hollywood Mix)
12.Told You So (Tom Tom Mix)
13.Puppets (Defeafening Edit Mix)
Format MP3

The 44th Strike
Philly’s Strikes Back

1 The Dead Of Night (Excited In Philadelphia)
2 Sister Of Night (Excited In 2001)
3 Breathe (Excited In Philadelphia 2001)
4 Freelove (Excited In Philadelphia 2001)
5 Personal Jesus (Excited In Philadelphia 2001)
6 Dressed In Black (Excited In Wantagh 2001)
7 Somebody (Excited In Mannheim 2001)
8 World Full Of Nothing (Excited In Mannheim 2001)
9 World Full Of Nothing (Black Bass Mix)
10 World Full Of Nothing (Nervous Boys From Greece Dance Mix)
11 Behind The Wheel (Synthetic Pulsating Vocal Mix)
12 Blasphemous Rumours (Believe In Jesus Mix V2 Edit)
13 I Feel Loved (Excited 2002 Mix)
Format FLAC

The 45th Strike 
Rounds For You

01.Only When I Lose Myself (Lexicon Remix)
02.People are People (Double Dose Remix)
03.Strangelove (Kid Vicious Remix)
04.Enjoy the Silence (Z Extract Version A)
05.Enjoy the Silence (Z Extract Version B)
06.Everything Counts (Drunkenmunky Radio Version)
07.Everything Counts (Drunkenmunky Large Version)
08.Television Set (Live in Liverpool 1981)
09.Photographic (Live in Liverpool 1981)
10.New Life (Live in Liverpool 1981)
11.Puppets (Live in Liverpool 1981)
12.Just Can’t Get Enough (Live in Liverpool 1981)
13.Tora! Tora! Tora! (Live in Liverpool 1981)
14.Nodisco (Live in Liverpool 1981)
Format MP3

The 46th Strike 
From Beyond 4T6 DJ Remixes

01.I Feel Loved (Heavenly Chrono Mix)
02.A Question of Lust (Apology Mix)
03.It’s Called a Heart (Colorado Mix)
04.Enjoy the Silence (Yearning Dub)
05.Dressed in Black (Black Shadows)
06.Dream On (Extended Mix)
07.Fly on the Windscreen (Odyssey)
08.But Not Tonight (Mix at Nightfall)
09.I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead (Beyond Remix)
10.When the Body Speaks (Extended Version)
11.Stripped (Metropolis Experiment 1)
12.Breathing in Fumes (Metropolis Experiment 2)
13.Black Day (Celebration Edit)
Format MP3

The 47th Strike 
Angels' Heaven on 4T7

01.Personal Jesus (Josh Patrick Remix)
02.Precious (DJ Dan’s 6AM Dub)
03.Only When I Lose Myself (Micali E Ajami Remix Edit)
04.Freelove (Momer Mix)
05.I Feel Loved (Mike Danavan Remix)
06.A Pain That I’m Used To (Level 3 Mix)
07.Enjoy the Silence (Acoustic Version)
08.It Doesn’t Matter 2 (Acoustic Version)
09.Waiting for the Night (Acoustic Version)
10.Clean (Acoustic Version)
11.Surrender (Acoustic Version)
12.Nothing’s Impossible (Acoustic Version)
Format MP3

The 48th Strike 
Angels Played On 4T8

01.I Feel Loved (Norych Mix)
02.Shake the Disease (Tiga Remix Edit)
03.Only When I Lose Myself (Simack Breaks Mix)
04.Enjoy the Silence (Pump Mix)
05.Here is the House (Gabriel E Dresden Remix)
06.Precious (Virus Dance Mix)
07.Dream On (Alvarez Remix)
08.Behind the Wheel (Lexicon Avenue Mix)
09.Halo (Southtribe Funk Mix)
10.The Darkest Star (Holden Remix)
11.Goodnight Lovers (Condemnation Mix)
12.Newborn (Dominatrix Kernfusion)
13.A Pain That I’m Used To (Telex Remix #2)
Format MP3

The 49th Strike
Angels Walked In Line 4T9

01.Enjoy the Silence (Vincent Arambourg Remix)
02.Nothing (Phantonaz Edit)
03.Halo (Southtribe Funk Dub)
04.I Feel You (Rem DM Remix)
05.Dream On (GM’s Dream Mix)
06.World in my Eyes (Alpha Conspiracy Mix)
07.Walking in my Shoes (Fatherless Child Version)
08.Freestate (Mesmerizing)
09.Only When I Lose Myself (Trancegenic Dub)
10.I Feel Loved (Reflection Mix)
11.Puppets (N-I Chime Mix)
12.Photographic (N-I Bonus Beats)
Format MP3


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