Ultimate Edition

Ultimate Edition

Temps de lecture : 6 minutes

1. New Life (Kaiser Masters The Bleep Remix)
2. I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead (Kaiser Hammers The Skinflutes Remix)
3. Puppets (Re – Unification Mix)
4. Boys Say Go (Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix)
5. Nodisco (Kaiser Vs Nu-Fu 2010 Remix)
6. What’s Your Name (Kaiser Double T.Y. Remix)
7. Photographic (Kaiser Regenerates The Darklight Mix)
8. Tora! Tora! Tora! (Alternative Reconstruction Remix)
9. Big Muff (Kaiser Meets N I In A Bush Of Skinflutes Mix)
10.Any Second Now (Kaiser Hops To The Kernfusion Mix)
11.Just Can’t Get Enough (Re-Recorded Remix Version)
12.Dreaming Of Me (Kaiser Dance Motion Extended Mix)
13.Ice Machine (Kaiser Flashes The Soundwave Mix)
14.Shout (Kaiser Beats The Rio Mix)
Format MP3

1. Leave In Silence (Retro Remix)
2. My Secret Garden (GEE Remix)
3. Monument (Andrew Ektom Vs Dominatrix Remix)
4. Nothing To Fear (Skinflutes Extended Reconstruction Mix)
5. See You (Kaiser VL Dance Remix)
6. Satellite (Kaiser Minimal C64 Mix)
7. The Meaning Of Love (Kaiser Distant Beat Remix)
8. A Photograph Of You (Kaiser Electric Version Edit)
9. Shouldn’t Have Done That (Kaiser Child Zone Remix)
10.The Sun And The Rainfall (Dominatrix Mix)
11.A Photograph Of You (Renty’s Long Exposure Mix)
12.Monument (Industrial Mix)
13. Satellite (Dark Wave Dub Mix)
Format MP3

1. Love In Itself (Kaiser Dark Emulator Remix)
2. Pipeline (The Skinflutes Darkest Hour Remix)
3. Everything Counts (Kaiser Back Rebuilding Remix)
4. Two Minute Warning (Kaiser Likes Chopin Remix)
5. Shame (Longer UltraTraxx Remix)
6. The Landscape Is Changing (Kaiser 12” Reconstruction)
7. Told You So (ON-U-Sound Dominatrix Remix)
8. And Then… (Reconstructed Minimal String Mix)
9. Get The Balance Right (Kaiser Dance Combination Remix)
10.The Great Outdoors (Kaiser Synthetic Skin Remix)
11.Work Hard (Kaiser West End Remix)
12.Fools (Kaiser Bigger LAP Remix)
Format MP3

1. Something To Do (Dominatrix Remix)
2. Lie To Me (Kaiser Mad Dance Remix)
3. People Are People (Erotic Sound Club Mix)
4. It Doesn’t Matter (EM Freestyle Remix)
5. Stories Of Old (Prayyer Remix)
6. Somebody (Kaiser Piano Fusion Remix)
7. Master And Servant (Slavery Whip Mix)
8. If You Want (Kitshi End Sound Remix Edit)
9. Blasphemous Rumours (Sixteen Candles Dub)
10. In Your Memory (Mental Hospital Remix)
11.(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (Joseph Watts Remix)
Format MP3

1. Black Celebration (Dominatrix RE- FX Mix)  
2. Fly On The Windscreen (Extended Version)  
3. A Question Of Lust (Kaiser N-I Fusion Remix)  
4. Sometimes (Submission Remix)  
5. It Doesn’t Matter Two (Spherical Mix)  
6. A Question Of Time (New Town Mix)  
7. Stripped (Prayyer Remix)  
8. Here Is The House (Extended Telam Project Mix)  
9. World Full Of Nothing (Skin On Skin Mix)  
10.Dressed In Black (Dominatrix Black Dub)  
11.New Dress (Kaiser Power Diameter Remix)  
Format MP3

1. Never Let Me Down Again (Kaiser Is Having Good Times With Your…)
2. The Things You Said (Kaiser Romantic Rage Remix)
3. Strangelove (Remix Edit)
4. Sacred (Kaiser Takes N I Back Home)
5. Little 15 (Kaiser Cube Dance Remix)
6. Behind The Wheel (Kaiser Vitamin Force Remix)
7. I Want You Now (Kaiser Extended Piano In Motion)
8. To Have And To Hold (Kaiser Symphonic Graveyard Remix)
9. Nothing (Zip-Hop Mix)
10.Pimpf (Kaiser Rough FC Remix)
11.Pleasure Little Treasure (Kaiser Megamode Edit)
Format MP3

1. World In My Eyes (Kaiser Uranium Cicada Remix)
2. Sweetest Perfection (Kaiser Extended UFO Mix)
3. Personal Jesus (Kaiser Bomber Street Remix)
4. Halo (Kaiser Wind Club Remix)
5. Waiting For The Night (Real Night Mix)
6. Enjoy The Silence (Kaiser Bingo Dust Remix)
7. Policy Of Truth (Kaiser Alternate Dance Remix)
8. Blue Dress (Dressed In Black Mix)
9. Clean (Dub Mix)
10.Dangerous (Dub Cut Mix)
11.Memphisto (Kaiser FCR Remix)
12.Kaleid (Kaiser Screaming Aggro Mix)
Format MP3

1. I Feel You (Throb Mix)
2. Walking In My Shoes (Kaiser Dust Marriage Remix)
3. Condemnation (Kaiser Master Spider Remix)
4. Mercy In You (Dub Vocal Remix)
5. Judas (Kaiser Black Angel Remix)
6. In Your Room (Portishead Remix)
7. Get Right With Me (Right Mix End Cut)
8. Rush (Kaiser N-I Push Remix)
9. One Caress (Great Grey Owl Darkness Instrumental)
10.Higher Love (Kaiser Floating Motion Remix)
11.My Joy (H.I.S. Mix)
12.Death’s Door (Kaiser’s Extended Emotion Mix)
Format MP3

1. Barrel Of A Gun (Underworld Soft Mix)
2. The Love Thieves (Tortured Souls Mix)
3. Home (Extension Mix)
4. It’s No Good (Kaiser Boomerang In Motion Remix)
5. Uselink (GGO Extra Drum Mix)
6. Useless (CJ Bolland Ultrasonar Extended Mix)
7. Sister Of Night (Dominatrix Nanodub Remix)
8. Jazz Thieves (Trip Hop Mix)
9. Freestate (Clark Remix)
10.Bottom Line (Motortype Remix)
11.Insight (Naweed Mix)
12.Painkiller (Plastikman Mix)
13.Slowblow (DNB Mix)
Format MP3

1. Dream On (Kaiser Dark Monolith Remix)
2. Shine (Dominatrix Remix)
3. The Sweetest Condition (Black Canvas Remix)
4. When The Body Speaks (Kaiser Zone Edit)
5. The Dead Of Night (Use You Gahan Remix)
6. Lovetheme (Extended Version)
7. Freelove (JCRZ Blood Ties Progressive Remix)
8. Comatose (Ghost Remix)
9. I Feel Loved (Extended Naweed Mix)
10.Breathe (Real Drum Remix)
11.Easy Tiger (Bertrand Burgalat & As Dragon Version)
12.I Am You (Kaiser Astral Dub Remix)
13.Goodnight Lovers (Dominatrix Remix)
Format MP3

1. A Pain That I`m Used To (Dub Mix)
2. John The Revelator (Mute Mix)
3. Suffer Well (Kaiser Frozen Phase Remix)
4. The Sinner In Me (Delta Remix)
5. Precious (Kaiser Rage Regenerator Remix)
6. Macro (Dynasty Mix)
7. I Want It All (Kaiser Extended Zone Remix)
8. Nothing’s Impossible (Kaiser Classic Edit)
9. Introspectre (Longer Version)
10.Damaged People (Kaiser Romantic Reconstruction Mix)
11.Lilian (Retro Mix V2 Dominatrix)
12.The Darkest Star (James Holden Remix)
Format MP3

1. In Chains (Extended Dub Mix)
2. Hole To Feed (Joebot Remix)
3. Wrong (Frankie Knuckles Remix)
4. Fragile Tension (PB & J Remix)
5. Little Soul (Flowing Funk Dub Edit)
6. In Sympathy (Disturbing Mix)
7. Peace (SixToes Remix)
8. Come Back (SixToes Remix)
9. Spacewalker (Wrong Mix)
10.Perfect (Reaps Remix)
11.Miles Away/The Truth Is (Reaps Remix)
12.Jezebel (Classic Transparent Mix)
13.Corrupt (Efdemin Remix)
14.Oh Well (Black Light Odyssey Remix)
Format MP3

1. Welcome To My World (Front Remix)
2. Angel (Difference Electric Remix)
3. Heaven (Freemasons Radio Mix)
4. Secret To The End (Dominatrix High Voltage Remix)
5. My Little Universe (Ambient Remix)
6. Slow (Overflow Mix)
7. Broken (Black Remix)
8. The Child Inside (Found For The Light Mix)
9. Soft Touch/Raw Nerve (Poly Gore Beat Mix)
10.Should Be Higher (Extended Naweed Mix)
11.Alone (Extended Naweed Mix)
12.Soothe My Soul (Destructo Remix)
13.Goodbye (Extended End Mix)
14.Long Time Lie (Locked Mix)
15.Happens All The Time (Difference Electric Remix)
16.Always (Electronic Dance Remix)
Format MP3

1. Going Backwards (Soulful Remix)
2. Where’s The Revolution (Rob Dust Remix)
3. The Worst Crime (The Rudy Francisco Remix)
4. Scum (Frenetic Mix)
5. You Move (Jason Bentley Remix)
6. Cover Me (Dominatrix Remix)
7. Eternal (Fleeting Remix)
8. Poison Heart (Tripped Mix)
9. So Much Love (Neverdogs Bootleg)
10.Poorman (Master Beat Remix)
11.No More (This Is The Last Time) (Paralyzed Remix)
12.Fail (Dominatrix Remix)
13.The Worst Crime (Naweed Mix)
14.Cover Me (Dominatrix Long Remix)
Format MP3


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